What is Modern Square Dancing?

Modern square dancing is different from the old-time barn dances in that it is generally done to recorded music, and the order of calls in a dance is not pre-established. You just do what the caller says to do!

It's an activity enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Our club dances at a Plus level, which means there are about 100 different calls to know. 

What skills are required?

Not many! Knowing your right from your left and being able to follow instructions are helpful. You don't need to have actual dancing skills to learn square dancing; the caller will tell you what to do!

You can learn to square dance at one of our classes.  Watch our website to learn when the next class will start.

What about those outfits?

You'll see in our photos and videos that many of us wear 'traditional' square dance attire: skirts and petticoats for the women and western shirts for men.

You'll also see that are those who prefer to dress in regular street clothes, or maybe a prairie skirt for the women. Whatever's comfortable is fine! 

What music do you dance to?

We dance to recorded music provided by our caller. He has a variety of songs he uses, in many different genres, including Motown, pop, Rat Pack, etc. It's more than Country-Western! 

Where else can I dance?

If Thursday nights are inconvenient, or you live in another part of the Bay Area, check out the following link for more local clubs:

You can also find dances in any of the 50 states as well as many other countries (calls are always in English!). Check out