About Us


The Clutch Busters is a club with dancers of all ages (from 8 to 90 years of age). We are couples, families and singles and we dance together at Plus level every Thursday in Concord, CA. We have party nights (including Root Beer Float night, a Halloween party, etc) every couple of months and also enjoy each other's company at an annual picnic and other outside activities.

This photo is from our Open House in April 2018; be sure to check out our Video and Photo pages to see more.


Our Caller, Gary Kendall

Gary and his wife April started Square Dancing in 1973 in Panama. He took up calling in 1983 and has been active for the last 35 years. He is well known in the Northern California area and has been honored many times as one of the top ten callers in the Northern California Square Dancers Association. Gary currently calls and instructs dancers in Modern Western Square Dancing. 

Known as a fun caller in a fun activity Gary makes it easy to learn the various movements of the activity. Gary considers himself a regional caller, calling from Basic Dance through Advanced and has been featured at many dances for clubs in the area. Gary currently calls for two regular weekly clubs, Clutch Busters of Concord and the Boots and Belles of Napa. garykendall@comcast.net


Our History

In September 1956 three squares of dancers started square dance lessons with Elmer Radcliffe as caller/instructor. Elmer was teaching a call named Slip the Clutch. The squares kept breaking down and Elmer said "you are a bunch of Clutch Busters." When the club was formed, we adopted the name Clutch Busters.

Our newsletter, The Record, has been published monthly since 1960. It was first printed on a duplicating machine and mailed to members; today we distribute it by email.