Concord, California Square Dance Club

Our Caller Gary Kendall and his taw April began square dancing in 1973 while stationed with the U.S. Navy in Panama.  In 1983, Gary took caller classes and with a group of understanding friends began his calling career in the kitchen of his own home.  From these beginnings, Gary has become a very competent and popular caller in Northern California.  He has been selected a number of times as one of the Top 10 Callers for the Northern California Square Dance Association.  He has called for various clubs over the years with the most recent clubs being the Concord Stompers and Clutch Busters of Concord teaching Beginner Level through Plus. 

Gary and April have been active in the local callers association having held various offices over the years including two terms as President of the Square Dance Callers Association of Northern California.  Gary is also a member of Callerlab, the International Association of Square Dance Callers.  Gary considers himself a regional caller and has called for a number of local festivals, State and National Conventions. 

April has been involved with various committees at the Local, State and National Level.  She has helped in numerous Sewing Rooms and has been the chairman of a number of Fashions Shows and was the Chairman of the Fashion Show for the 58th National Square Dance Convention held in Long Beach.  

Gary and April have been married since 1969 and have four children, Denise, David, Daniel and Kevin.  The three boys all danced for a time and the two youngest were very popular SINGLE dancers at ages 8 and 10.  Gary and April are an active Square Dance team and avid supporters of the activity.

Check out the video below to see Gary in action!
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